Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Pinterests

There are so many pretty things that a person can make.
These are on the top of my list for this year.

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Salt Dough Necklaces and Earrings
These would make awesome gifts for friends and family...
...oh, and my Etsy shop!!!

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This is so pretty! I need to find just the right color and yarn.
I L-O-V-E scarves!

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What a fancy pillowcase dress/top!
I would make one of these in my size, cuz it is super cute.

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I need these, because my family doesn't seem to know how to put the towel back on the oven door!

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Wanna make some of these for my girlfriend Lindsay and her hubby's dream (almost reality) job/business. Read about it here.

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My biggest and most important goal for this year is to make us Christmas stockings.
We have been using cheap-o felt ones since our son was a baby (11 years).
So, I will be completing 6 - yes 6, we have 2 dogs you know - stockings this year as well as two new tree skirts. Why two skirts? We have two trees.
My husband has a tree for his "man cave" that is all about hunting and fishing.
He's even going to attempt making shotgun shell tree lights with all of his red, spent shells from bird hunting.
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