Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 - A Year in Review

Out with 2011, in with 2012!

Our family had an amazing year in 2011.
Lots of new experiences for our children especially.
I continued working as an LPN at a local factory on 2nd shift and the hubby continued to work for the local hospital along-side their IT department.

Both kids took swimming lessons during the summer.
Logan played baseball and seemed to enjoy it, but we have decided to go for a different baseball program in 2012 where dad will be his coach and my bestie Lindsay's hubby will also be assisting.
They will hopefully have a great season and learn a lot while having tons of fun!
The best part, is that I will be able to get to go to more of his games this year.

I officially opened up my esty.com shop (sorry, it is closed at this time for some re-vamping of products). Unfortunately, things didn't go quite as well as I had hoped, but when I re-open hopefully things will be more prosperous.

During the summer months, I participated in a weightloss challenge at work. During the 12 week challenge, I lost 21 pounds, my partner lost 29 pounds. We came out #1 over 21 teams and were awarded with an iPad2 for each of us. I was so excited! He kept telling everyone that he had to win, because he didn't want to have to deal with the "Wrath of Beth!" I was not that bad! the whole point of having a partner was to encourage each other. Oh well, we WON anyway!!!

The hubby went on his annual hunting trip to South Dakota in October and returned home with 12-15 pheasants for our freezer. Then took another trip down to Kansas for his other annual hunting trip and brought a few more birds back from there.

We are both hoping to go deer hunting during the "late season," which ends January 15th. If we succeed, this will be the first time I have ever gone hunting. I really enjoy shooting, so now I am ready to actually put that to some use and put meat in our freezer. My hubs has informed me that what I kill, I will also be butchering, so, I guess I will be learning how to butcher a deer if we shoot a couple of them too.

At Thanksgiving, I broke my foot by missing the last step walking down the stairs. Snapped the bone right in half, but luckily it stayed in alignment. I was in a cast and on crutches for 4 weeks (therefore off of work). I had the cast removed the Wednesday before Christmas and now I am in a walking boot until at least the 23rd of January. The good thing is that I will go back to work on January 9th. It has been nice to be at home though! I got a lot of our Christmas shopping done really early.

Christmas brought the kids lots of great surprises.
Mommy and dad got them some exciting gifts that they both can't seem to get enough of.
Santa brought the both electronics that they had been asking for for quite a long time!
Logan got an iPod Touch and Jillianne got a TV for her bedroom.
Unfortunately, Logan hasn't put the iPod down too much and Jillianne is still not sleeping in her room.
We were kind of hoping the TV would encourage her to sleep in her own bedroom, instead of on our floor, while watching her own movies.
We will have to continue to work on that!

To ring in the new year, we had my brother, sister-in-law, nephew, and neice over.
We played Wii games, the kids played with each other very well, and the adults played a couple games of pitch and competed in Wii bowling (which the ladies won of course).
The kids stayed up WAY late (I'm talking 3:00 am) and woke up WAY early (7:00 am).
We had pancakes for breakfast and then lazed around the remainder of the day.

Very anxious to find out what 2012 will bring for all of us!
Hope you all had an enjoyable time celebrating the new year, we definitely did!


Janna said...

Fun to hear the catch up on your family! Yay for Jason's pheasant hunting and *free* meat!! ;o) I haven't had pheasant in years but have always loved it. Way to go on the weight loss--that is awesome--and what a lovely prize to win!! Take care and blessings to you all in the new year!

Mike and Kirsten said...

Wish we could have joined the new years fun!! We had friends over and played some games also but I had so much fun with the fam while we were back, I would have loved for it to continue. Love you!!