Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer "To Do" List

I don't know about you, but after being out of school for a month, I am tired of hearing my son say "I'm bored." or "There's nothing to do."

After perusing Pinterest and many of the blogs on my reading list, I decided it was time to make a list.
This list consists of 100 Summer Fun things.
Activities range from blowing bubbles and using sidewalk chalk to trying a new food and baking cookies to going to a water park and taking a family vacation.

How will we keep track you ask?
Well, I went to Walmart and got a nice big piece of posterboard with "phantom" lines (so I would actually write everything straight). Then I spent nearly an ENTIRE day trying to think of 100 things that we can do in our days at home before I have to leave for work at 2:15 in the afternoon.

Great idea, right?
I certainly hope so!
We have done a few things on the list, but I still need to have it laminated and get us a dry erase marker. Since I put so much time into hand printing, we are SO going to use it for more than one summer!
Do you know how incredibly difficult it is to come up with fun stuff that an 11-year old boy AND a 5-year old girl would both want to do?
Holy bumper stickers, it was tough. I'm sure there are a few things my son will growl about, but all-in-all, it will hopefully be fun and making progress through the list will be a neat accomplishment.

Here are a few photos of our list and the activities we have completed.
Not too sure why this loaded on it's side! It was saved with the right side up.

Our Independence Day t-shirts.
All 4 of us had them even though I only took a picture of the 3.
Dad and Bubba had matching red shirts,
while Princess and I had the pretty white tank tops.

I took the 5th of July off from work and the kids and I went up to Fun Plex in Omaha.
They had a great time in the water and riding the amusement park rides.
Bubba had a ball riding the go-carts.
Princess preferred the water, she's my little fishy! ;-)

Fuse Beads are lots of fun at our house!
The dogs even get in on the action and try to eat the beads that happen to fall on the floor.
The kiddos however do enjoy coming up with fun designs.
On this day Bubba made the Mustang symbol you will commonly find on the Ford Mustang...
...he and my husband are obsessed with Mustangs.
Princess just plugged away at her heart there while she ate her boiled egg.

Doesn't my son just look soooooo thrilled?!?!
We don't keep a lot of sweets in our house, but today I wanted to use up some chocolate chips that were in the cupboard, so we made some choco chip cookie bars and used the left over dough to make a few cookies. Needless to say, the cookies were all gone by the time I got home from work at 11:00 pm. We still have a whole pan of bars though!

Well, that is what we have been up to so far this summer.
At least some of the stuff, we have gotten to check off quite a few things actually, but I am terrible when it comes to documenting by photography.

Hope your summer is going well too.
As of July 14, we only have one month until school starts up!
I can hardly believe it! Time sure does fly by!


Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Look

So, what do you think?
Do you like it?

I decided that the blog needed a make-over.
Not that I didn't LOVE the look before, I just wanted something different.
Since I have a boat-load of business cards that I had ordered prior to getting the previous design done, I thought I had better change things up. Now that I am getting a bit more business than I had before, it seemed like a smart choice to get my "brand" uniform.

Now that the blog and Facebook look alike, all I have left to changed up is the shop over on etsy.
I will hopefully have that done this weekend too.

Let me know what you think.
I am so proud of myself, I was able to do it all on my lonesome...
Okay... I had to "google" and "bing" some things, but otherwise I did it myself.

Not bad for an amateur!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Beauty Solutions

I am not a vain person, but I do like to think that I take good care of myself.
The only problem is that beauty products are so stinkin' expensive and I am not one to spend a lot of money, unless it is my hair, I like to have my hair looking nice! Who doesn't?

Anyway, as you all know, I am a Pinterest-holic...
So, I have been attempting to pin things that deal with beauty, but can be made from things I already have in my house - bathroom, kitchen, etc.

I have not attempted any of them yet, but this first one is going to be something I try first.
It doesn't hurt to try something right?

Pinned Image
How to get white nails -- make a paste using 1 tbsp peroxide and 2 1/4 tbsp baking soda. Let this paste sit on your nails for 5 minutes and voila! White nails!
This will be great since I wear a lot of dark nail polish on my toes.
Maybe I will fore-go the polish altogether if it works well!

During the summer, I am very particular about my feet looking nice.
I wear flip flops and sandals nearly all the time, so I don't want to have rough nasty heals and I definitely want to keep any nail fungus or the like off of my feet.

Pinned Image
Vinegar Foot Soaks (click on photo to go to the website)

I don't know what has happened, but recently I have started dealing with breakouts.
Okay, I am 34 years old, seriously I am way past the time in my life that I should have to deal with acne! It has gotten to the point that I made an appointment with my husband's dermatologist, because I am so frustrated with it!
However, that being said, I am still going to attempt to take care of the problem even before I see the doctor about it. Pinterest has had a few things I plan on trying, as long as I don't eat or drink them first!

Pinned Image
(click photo to go to website)

Pinned Image
(click on image)

Pinned Image

I honestly cannot wait to try these out.
My skin will hopefully love me for the pampering and I will feel better about myself too.