Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Healthy Eating

I've started off the year with a BANG!
I broke down and did some grocery shopping specifically for me.
Since I work nights outside of the home, I was thinking I needed to eat good and healthful foods.
The only way to accomplish that was to start cooking my meals and taking them to work.

This one is my most favorite...
Crunch chicken salad
3 oz. canned or cooked chicken breast diced
1/4 apple (any will do - I used a granny smith)
1 Cup coleslaw cabbage mix (not premade coleslaw)
1 TBS light mayo or miracle whip
1TBS plain Greek yogurt

Mix everything together and you have a very light, very yummy meal.

This is another good one...
Chicken Breast w/ Sweet Potato "Pie"
4 oz. chicken breast (baked or grilled)
4 oz. sweet potato
1 TBS Greek yogurt
1 packets of sugar substitute
cinnamon (to taste)

Boil or steam your potato until it is easily mashed. Stir in yogurt, sugar sub, and cinnamon.
Mash to the consistency of preference. Serve warm with your chicken breast!

So far, I am happy with the meals I have been able to make for myself.
They are easy and cooking for one isn't as hard as it may seem.
It can be time consuming, but I will make two days of meals at a time, so that means no cooking at least twice during the work week.

Maybe I will even try to get my family to eat one of my recipes for dinner on a weekend sometime.
I think the kids would really like the sweet potato "pie".
What kid wouldn't want to have a "dessert" instead of plain old mashed potatos?

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