Thursday, January 26, 2012


Post contributed by Fletcher Vargas

All of my favorite programs on our direct tv new haven come on Thursday night when I am at work. I am a nurse on the night shift every Thursday night at a local children’s hospital. I enjoy working at night because it is usually really quiet at the hospital and there are not any doctors around to hassle you and make you feel intimidated. I don’t usually feel intimidated though because I know that I have saved their butts plenty of times when they have prescribed too much medication for a patient or have a crazy parent after them that I can run buffer for. I just don’t like the feeling I get when the doctor thinks he or she is making you afraid of them. Not all of them are like that. Some are really nice and helpful and even like to teach you new things. But then you have the ones that think they are right up there with God on a level that no one can reach. I usually just try to stay clear of them. But when I finally get to go home in the morning, I can watch all my shows that I missed the night before because I always record them.

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