Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Pinterests

These are a few things I need to get or do in our house!

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Our daughter's bedding set did not come with a bed skirt. I think I'm gonna take one of her pillow shams to the fabric store and get some fabric to match and wrap around her box spring.

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If I can find some baskets that are skinny enough, I would definately do this.
Our stairs are kind of narrow.

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This is seriously excellent! Only, I think I would do it with our "house rules," that way visiting children would know what the rules of our house are...As well as a few parents.
NO, I am not saying anything about any of our friends or family!

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Love these, we should have bought one at the Farmer's Market this summer.
Guess we will have to get one next, i mean this year.

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