Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My 2012 Reading List...the Last 25

76. Bonded
77. Bloodrose
78. Rift
79. The Iron King
80. The Iron Daughter
81. The Iron Queen
82. Summer's Crossing
83. The Iron Knight
84. Stray
85. Rogue
86. Pride
87. Prey
88. Shift
89. Alpha
90. Spider's Bite
91.Web of Lies
92. Venom
93. Tangled Threads
94. Spider's Revenge
95. Thread of Death
96. By a Thread
97. Widow's Web
98. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
99. The Broken Kingdoms
100. The Kingdom of Gods

There you have it, my list for reading this year.
It is a lot of reading, but hopefully it will go quickly since they all seem to be
the type of novels I enjoy - supernatural and mystery and crime dramas.
I am on my 4th book so far.
Guess I need to get a move on it if I am going to accomplish this colossal feat!

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