Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Resolutions

Every year, I make my New Year's Resolutions.
Every year, I completely bomb out on actually accomplishing any of them.

I am however very proud to admit that I kicked the habit of drinking soda...
...specifically Mt. Dew.
I even gave up caffeine almost completely, I don't count the little caffeine in green tea.
The week before Christmas, I decided it was important to accomplish something and kicked the habit "cold turkey."

This year I am again going to make New Year's Resolutions.
Guess we shall see how well it goes...

1. Get healthy...
I try to do this all the time, but working nights, I don't always do the best at eating healthful foods.
I am begining a new program called "Live the Life."
It is a great program that combines foods that will help to boost metabolism.
It also has a fitness program that goes along with it, but I will have to hold off on that until I get the "go ahead" from the orthopaedic surgeon for my foot and wearing a regular shoe on my right foot again.
I've used the program before, but fixing the food can be a bit of a pain in the rear. I am bound and determined to get through it this time though. The foods are really very good and I don't feel that I am missing out on anything.

2. Read 100 books in 365 days...
Last year, I read 69 books in 365 days, so why not "go for the gold" this year.
I love to read and luckily, I have plenty of time to do it during the down times at work

3. Get gifts made for holidays, birthdays, etc. made throughout the year...
...starting in January.
I have begun to map out my plan for what to make whom and will hopefully have things made and wrapped and ready to go when the time comes.
This is VERY ambitious for me, but at least with a plan, I will have an idea of what each gift is going to potentially cost. JoAnn Fabrics is going to get a lot of business from me this year!

4. Get better at keeping house...
This has always been a very sore subject in our household.
I admit it, I HATE cleaning. If we could afford to have a maid come in twice a month to clean the 4 bathrooms in our house, I would totally do it.
Unfortunately, that is NOT going to be happening!
This year, I am determined to make myself a monthly schedule for cleaning and inlist the entire family in helping. I have found some great ideas for weekly cleaning and I will be utilizing one of them,

So there you have it!
I am not super ambitious, I have to keep the resolutions pretty simple.
If I had this huge long list, there is no way I would even accomplish one of them.
This is a pretty extensive list for me, but definitely NOT un-attainable.

How many of you have made resolutions for 2012?
What are your resolutions?

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Janna said...

Yay for fresh starts! Cleaning is one of my least favorite things also (perhaps because reading and crafting is so much more fun, eh?). ;o) Have you ever checked out flylady? She has some workable ideas if you're interested--google her. Hope your foot heals up nicely, I can only imagine how frustrating that has been! Happy new year!!