Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Getting to Know You...Here's a Bit of "Beth" History

Where did you grow up?
I grew up on a "hog" farm near Crete, Nebraska.  I attended a one-room school with grades K-8 and half of those kids were literally my cousins and siblings! :-)  After I "graduated" from the 8th grade, I attended high school in Crete (now, I am gonna tell you something, but you gotta promise not to call me this). My husband thinks it is HILARIOUS to call me an ex-Cretian and on occasion, after being introduced to someone, will also give them that little tid-bit! Yep, say it fast as one word...go ahead...laugh...I'm waiting... Got it out of your system?  Wonderful, let's move along...
My Nephew and Logan out at the farm doing a bit of fishing on Father's Day 2007

Speaking of your husband, how did you meet?
Excellent question! It actually come with an interesting answer... When we met, my husband was in the Nebraska Army National Guard. Now, would it be interesting if we met at the grocery store, church, a bar? HECK NO!!! We met on Yahoo! personals. We certainly did! Would you also believe that he was stationed in Bosnia when we met? Crazy, I know! I had posted a personal about meeting new people. I wasn't looking for a boyfriend at the time (let alone a husband). I had just gotten out of a long serious relationship and my friends at the time were also his friends. I've always been the shy type and made friends with guys easier than gals.  Anyway...he sent me an email, from BOSNIA, and we started chatting a month before he was scheduled to return to the states and NEBRASKA! We even talked on the phone a couple of times before he came home. I was so excited to meet him face-to-face! We set the date to meet and I anxiously waited for it.  Finally, it arrived. We met in the parking lot of where I worked and went out to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Olive Garden.  Since that September day in 1999, we have been together. Neither of us dated anyone else since that first date! He proposed to me in April of 2001 and we were married in August 2002. Jason, I LOVE YOU!!!
My good lookin 'hubby - Thanksgiving in Arizona 2007

What do you love about your home?
Well, being a native Nebraskan. I love the laid-backness (I know it's not a work) of a rural-ish state. I love the fact that if you drive just a few short miles outside of Lincoln you can see some beautiful country scenery. I am proud to say that I grew up on a farm and did some hard work (not a lot - just to clarify) and that I went to a one-room country school. There is something about being close to rural areas that makes Nebraska a wonderful place to live. I enjoy the outdoors with my family, I have always enjoyed fishing and I am going to attempt hunting (maybe this year) with my husband to see if I can "hack" it. There is so much openness to the land. Sure, there are always things to complain about - namely the weather - but I am sure one can find something to complain about no matter where you live.
** Oh and just to make this clear, NO, I am not a die hard Nebraska Huskers football fan, but I do "put up" with it for my husband.**

Nebraska vs. Oklahoma - this was an exception, I won sky box suite tickets for the game

Why did you start blogging?
Well, this is not the first blog that I have had. Originally, I started blogging to keep "long distance" family up-to-date on the family happenings.  I wasn't really too happy with how my blog was going before. I felt it was all too willy nilly and I wasn't really thinking about my posts before I actually wrote and posted them. In other words, I felt it was too random and I am not really too good with random. With Warm Bouquet, I can still be random, but I have some structure to what I post now. I think about what I am going to post and try to make the posts relateable to everyone that is reading my blog (oh...THANK YOU so much for being interested and following me, it has been so much fun). I like the structure that I have made for myself and know exactly what I am going to post on certain days of the week. It gives me time to think about it throughout the remainder of the week for the next week. I wish desperately that I could blog on a daily basis, or more than once a day! Hopefully that will change with time, but I like to do things with my daughter while I am at home during the day before heading off to work. 

Well, I think I have given you plenty of information for one day...I'd hate to totally bore you all to death! ;-) If you are truly more interested in more about me, I would L-O-V-E your questions. It will help with my "Getting to Know You" post for March.  Shoot me a shout-out to warm{dot}bouquet{at}gmail{dot}com, I absolutely LOVE to get emails!

Type at ya later!


Meri said...

Haha, you Ex-Cretian!
Great to learn more about you!

lindsay said...

hello lovely :) it's so funny because a lot of these things i knew...but i still find myself loving to read it anyway. i just love you to pieces and everything there is to know about you and your history ♥

i love the way you and jason met...i think this is so wonderful...what a great story to tell your babies!

miss you tons girlie...it's been so crazy since i was sick last week :( trying to catch up on everything! talk to you soon and see you soon!! xoxo