Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Weekend in Review...

Okay, I know the weekend is officially NOT over yet, but I have to do something to relax and this is what I thought of that would not take much effort.  Sewing always calms me, but I don't want to go down to my "hole" to sew, cuz it's a tad bit chilly down there (our only source of heat in our house is the wood burning stove).  I don't feel like dragging a space heater down there either!

Yesterday Jilli-bean had her very first dance class at our local YMCA.  It was terrible for her!  She is a very shy little girl and the dance experience was aweful.  She would not participate at all.  I tried to do participate with her to get her to dance, but I felt really silly cuz there were a bunch of parents there watching.  All she wanted was to sit on my lap or be held and bury her face in my chest.  I hope next Saturday goes much better.  We will have to drop her off and not stay and watch, so hopefully it will go much better.  She doesn't have issues with going to her daily daycare provider or to the child watch program while I am working out at the "Y", so I am at a complete loss for what happened yesterday.  Maybe it was because of all of the parents there watching?

So, the hubs paid our Dish bill last week and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that we are going to be getting a year - count that 12 months - of Starz for FREE.  Holy smokes!  So awesome!  Over yesterday and today, I have seen at least 4 movies that I had not had the pleasure of viewing yet!  One of which I hadn't even heard of and 3 that I have wanted to see for so long, but refused to pay to see in the theatre.  Okay, I only go to movies in the theatre that I KNOW I am going to love (i.e. Harry Potter or Twilight series).  Anyway, these are the movies that I have gotten to see and I must say, I enjoyed them all very much.

 I sure do L-O-V-E incredibly lazy weekends.

All that is left for the weekend is watching the Super Bowl, however I will not be watching the game.  I will find something else to watch or do, but I will definitely eat some of the delish ribs and wings that my hubby has decided to put on the smoker.  Maybe I will even make some potato salad to go along with them!


Ashley said...

I'm sorry about dance class. My son does that from time to time. It's frustrating! Especially since you know they will love it when they get going! So neat you are getting a year of free movies! Enjoy those ribs, that sounds delish! xo

Miles Of Style said...

i remember my niece not wanting to go to the dance class coz the teacher there was "sir" and not "mamdam" . she used to be very shy around guys :) i think kids outgrow their apprehensions in due time and i'm sure your little one shall too. :) hope you had a good weekend.

i just stumbled upon your blog and couldn't help but comment here coz i really liked what i read.


PETIT said...

with the dance class, why dont you try to have her go one on one with the teacher first then with the few students.. if thats feasible... my kids used to be quite very shy and would not participate, but in time they will once they get to know their classmates.
i love your blog.
allow me to be your follower.