Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Lovelies

For a while now, I have wanted to get a new tattoo. I currently have two dolphins on either side of my lower back. One of them is smaller than the other, so I'd like to get it covered up with something to represent both of my children.  Last night I took some time and sort of designed a rough idea of how I would like it to look in Microsoft Power Point.  So, the first picture is sort of what I would like to get done. I was a bit limited to the clip art available on Power Point, so it's not exactly what I want, but that is why tattoo artists do what they do. They can take an idea and design the tattoo around your idea to make it what you want.

I would like the flowers to actually be climbing up toward the left side and they will be in reds and oranges with green leaves. The butterfly in the air would be orange and black for Logan's favorite color and the butterfly on the flowers would be pinks and purple for Jillianne's favorite color. Now that I have a general idea of the design, I am going to start saving my pennies to get it done. Ideally...I want it done before summer, that way I can show it off while I am having fun in the sun!

My husband and I would also like to get tattoos that have a sort of commonality to them. He has a tattoo on his arm that he would like to have improved by maybe having it turned into an eagle. That is much too masculine for me, so I suggested having it wrapped in the American flag. Then I could get something done that would be wrapped in the American flag too. My initial thought was to get two Gerbera Daisies with long stems wrapped in the flag, but now I am thinking maybe a different flower. This tattoo would be smaller and on my lower leg (maybe right above my ankle).

Anyway... on to some pictures of tattoos that I found unique and/or fun. Enjoy!




all prior images from here

this one is kinda gross, but the artist made it look so real!

I could look at tattoos all day and find something unique, but I know not all of you are tattoo fanatics. I wouldn't say I am a fanatic, but I do want two more with more meaning. I got dolphins, because along with tigers, they are my favorite animal. I went with dolphins, because they are more feminine than a tiger.

Do any of you have beautiful body art? Would you ever consider it if you don't?

Have an artful day!


Ashley said...

OMG I'm in a state of shock over that last picture. I cannot even believe that guy has that disgusting mess on his chest forever! Ahhh. OK, phew, back to you. I think your design sounds lovely! I love the idea of your children being represented. You will definitely have to show pics when you get it! I do have some skin art myself but 2 are in private places and one is kinda lame. That's what happens when you get them at 20 cause it seems cool. ;)

Vanessa said...

Found your link on FTLOB :)
I totally understand how you could look at tattoo's all day..there are just so many awesome/unique & fabulous tat's out there..I enjoy doing the same thing.
Your idea sounds will have to link up when you get it done!