Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Weekend (ok, Sunday) Creations

Have I mentioned I have a ton of fabric that I need to use up?

Well, last week, I decided I wanted to try to design a purse and put it together so that it was much more sturdy than some of the other shoulder bags I have made before.  Anyway, I have this really great brown/green fabric that is a heavier weight and I thought it would make a super cute purse, so with a little heavy-weight fusible interfacing, an iron, my sewing machine, and literally some sweat, the following was created.  Next time I won't use the stuff I used to hold the brown fabric on the handle, because it made a dark lne down the center.  I don't mind, I made this one for me!  I didn't take a picture of the inside, but it is fully lined and has a pocket. 

Also on the agenda for sewing Sunday were the following two items.  The book-type item is actually a great way to get organized for shopping - grocery shopping in particular.  It is a shopping list and coupon organizer (too bad I don't ever use coupons)!  I cannot take the  credit on this one though...I found the idea and "how to" here.  The pocket next to the pen is for a note pad that I didn't have at the time I took the pictures (I have since purchased the note pad for it).  The other item is of course a coffee cup cozie.

Isn't this fabric super cute?

I love all three items and started carrying them around yesterday.  Now I need to get more of the fabric for the cozie and organizer so I can make a coin purse and checkbook cover.  Then I will have a matching set for the inside of my purse!

My-oh-my, I L-O-V-E being creative!!!
I'm thinking a set of these or the purse would be great for the Craft Swap over here.

Happy Tuesday!


Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

This is so amazing your are so creative and talented. I need to learn how to sow ASAP. teach me :) lol

Write it in Lipstick

Janna said...

That purse looks completely professional--great job! And I love the little notebook holder, what a great little gift that would be for girlfriends! I've been in a sewing lull . . . you're making me want to set up shop though. ;o)

Miles Of Style said...

oh my!! did you really make that purse yourself! how crafty and talented are you!! you need to open your own Etsy shop soon lady!

2 little hooligans said...

they came out great! love that fabric. thanks for linking back and sharing with me. and to be honest im not a big coupon user either. i usually just use joann fabrics and bjs coupons, but it comes in super handy for making shopping lists! happy sewing!