Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Lovelies

Oh My Gosh!  I completely lost track of the week!  How can that be possible?  I was at the ironing board, just prepping some fabric to become a new purse and realized it was Thursday.  Yikes!

So, since I have been doing some sewing this week, I thought today's focus would be on the woonderful items that make my sewing life so much easier.

clear ruler, rotary cutter, and self sealing mat
*for all of those straight cuts*

Singer Bias Tape Maker
*I am not a fan of burning my fingers with the iron to make my own bias tape*

Singer Sewing Machine
*My mother was kind enough to give this to me for Christmas a couple years ago*
(and as always she was wonderful enough to teach me how to oil it)

*Mine isn't this fancy, but now that I see this one, I may have to make one! *

fusible interfacing - any weight (heavyweight is awesome for making purses!)

My stash of fabric that seems to be ever-growing
*Just wish mine was this organized!*

Well, those are the items I have that make my sewing time so much simpler.  Not a whole lot of stuff, but I am definitely working on accumulating more and more tools.  The fabric, I have to hold back on a bit more, because I have so much that I need to use up.  Just so that I can accumulate more fabric, I need to start buying for scrub tops.  Then I can buy an extra yard or two for my stash!  :-)  That is a GREAT idea!  Im'm sure my husband would not agree.

Have a "craftastic" week!


Meri said...

I love that pincushion idea!

Janna said...

Oh that pincushion--it is all kinds of brilliance! And how easy it would be to make! I've been wanting a bias tape maker--it looks like so much fun. ;o)