Thursday, January 27, 2011

February is Fast Approaching!

Since I am sitting here at home ALL day today and tonight caring for my husband (he had knee surgery this morning), I thought I would do a bit-o-blogging!  Do y'all mind too much? Hope not, cuz, here I go.

Wow-za!!!  What happened to January?  Apparently I kept myself so busy I completely missed it.  I absolutely cannot believe that February is 5 days away!  Now I have some serious decisions to make before February begins.  Decisions such as...What will my February craft be?  Hmmm... There are so many things to choose from - crocheting, sewing (tissue holders for my purse {or yours} or try a pattern for a new hat), or paper crafting (a girlfriend of mine made this awesome pinecone for her daughter's teacher).

I think I will go with a crochet project, the only downfall is that I don't have a stash of yarn to choose from, so I may not be making many items like I did last month with these (make link to cozies).  I have never ackled making an afghan, so maybe I will attempt that or maybe just pick a few friends and family to make scarves for.  I know I want to make myself a whole set - scarf, hat, and mittens - however,
I am still sort of a re-beginner (that's not even a word!) with crochet. 

I also slacked off big time in January with getting to the gym!  I need to et back on that band wagon.  Maybe some new gym clothes will help?  *pondering, pondering*  Nah, probably not... What I need is motivation!  If I knew I had a trip to the beach or somewhere warmer planned, that would definitely be motivation, but sadly, we don't have anything planned in the near future.   I need to find something!  Even the contest at work isn't motivating me and the grand prize in an iPAD!  Golly, you'd think that would be motivation enough!  Unfortunately there are people with whom I work that have much more to lose than my measly 30lbs.

Soda is going to kill me!!!  You guessed it, I caved, AGAIN!  That caffeinated, sweet, fizzy goodness just taunts me daily and I give in to its taunting in the end.  I just can't find a fabulous tea that I am willing to swap it for.  I'm gonna have to call my old tea lady and find out what the new company she sells for has that is comparable to my old favorite!  I didn't want to, but if I am going to survive at all without soda, I gotta take drastic measures.  Even if it means spending 100's on tea (okay, maybe not 100's, but specialty teas are a little bit more expensive)!!!

Well, I know it's not much and definitely not fancy, but I wanted to do something fun today!

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Jacqui said...

Do you know the name of the tea she sells now? I was going to check it out online, but I lost her email!