Saturday, February 5, 2011


Nope, but I got your attention!

Under normal circumstances, I absolutely LOVE my hair, but sadly that so-called love has slightly diminished.  I have recently made the decision to grow out my hair from a "short" cut.  Sadly, it is at a stage that I hate!  That in-between stage...  I can't pull it back into a pony tail, yet I cannot style it the way I would prefer to.  Growing out shorter hair is truely a pain-in-the-neck!

This is how long it was before I got it cut.

Now, I am anxious to grow it out even longer than that.
The waiting part is what I H-A-T-E the most!

Long, silky, smooth hair...



Ashley said...

Waiting is the hardest part. But you look beautiful! Even on the best hair day of my life I never had glorious hair like that last pic. One can dream!

Brooke said...

I'm growing my hair out too! That's the hardest part but don't cut it! You can do it :D