Thursday, April 14, 2011

What Ya Got In That Bag?

Since I am kind of at a loss for a post, I thought I'd try something different.
I have seen a couple of bloggers do this...
Melissa over at Write It In Lipstick is one that comes to mind first.
However, I've seen it a couple of other places too (just don't remember the blog names).

Everyone carries either a little bit or a "lot bit" in their purse, handbag, whatever.
*Yes, I know "lot bit" doesn't make sense.  Just go with it!  K?  Thanks!*

The following is what I carry in my purse.
*Stay tuned, I may do a post with what I carry in my "activity" bag to work later!*

Coach Purse - score off of eBay
Makeup bag from Africa a gift from the hubs Aunt and Uncle whom live there currently
*it is chock-full of lipstick, lip gloss, and wipes for my glasses*
Mark by Avon compact
Wallet - which is 1000 years old (okay, I may be exaggerating a little on the age)
Keys (house & truck) - I have so many of those "rewards" cards on there it isn't funny!

wow, the lighting in here sucks!

Clockwise (from 12:00 position):
Emery Board - My nails are finally grown out from being destroyed by artificial tips! YAY!!!
Gum - For those days that I absentmindedly forget to brush my teeth before venturing out and about.
Pen (One of the "gifts" from my prior J-O-B)
Fire Balls! (What you don't carry a load of candy in your purse that your kids won't touch?)
2 pocket hand sanitizers - Remember my "dirty little secrets"? I told you I carried 2 of them!
Batteries - Um, not quite sure what these were doing in there...hmmm....

So there you have it!
That's what's in "that bag"!


Rachel said...

For some reason the pictures aren't showing up on my computer. Maybe I need to reboot?

I am the same way with those reward cards!! I have about 12!!


Beth said...

oh, it may not be your computer! I probably need to retake the photos and repost them. my phone takes terrible photos. I will try to fix it tomorrow.