Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stupid Hair!

I am seriously about ready to take a scissors to my own hair!

Do you ever have those days when you are doing your hair and nothing goes right?
That is what happened to me today!
I have styled my hair like this before, but today it took me over an hour - a freaking hour!
It looks like crap, but I don't care, I put a flower in it to cover up the really bad spots and came to work anyway. I was so frustrated!

Just look at that mess!

YES, I am almost 33 and have gray hair! A LOT of it!
Thank goodness I have an appointment with my stylist next week.
He is absolutely magical!!!  ;-)

I liked having my short hair, I never had issues like this! With short hair, the style was meant to be messy and so I didn't care. On me, longer hair cannot be messy looking, otherwise it makes it look like I got out of bed and didn't bother combing my hair.

I love French braids though, but you can't French braid short hair.
I love pony tails too, but you can't pull short hair back into a pony tail!
Messy buns! Oh my goodness, I miss being able to pull my hair up into a messy bun.

Absolutely frustrated!
p.s. yes the photos suck! i took them with my BlackBerry.

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Susi said...

The only way I can have my hair is long and braided or similar. I've tried everything else. Looking good now though.