Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Just Don't Know What To Do? Can You Help?


For a few months last year (2010) I had a small Etsy store.  I never sold anything, but I still opened it with the hope that some of the things that I created would be of interest to others.  Now that I seem to have more time to be creative, I would really like to open up a new Etsy shop. Seriously though, what could I possibly make that others would want?  I just don't know that I have the courage to do it. My biggest fear is failure!

I think of all of the possibilities and just get frustrated. Purses? No - I am not that good at them yet. Hair clips I tried that and apparently mine weren't cute enough. Little tutu's with matching bows for little girls? I don't know that I can invest the money in the fabric. Purse accessories? It's a thought, but seriously, how many people would actually want everything in the purse to be matchy-matchy? I certainly don't match everything in my purse!

It would be fantastic if I could come up with something that would portray me. Encompass my love of all things that bring warmth to a person from the inside out. I just don't think I have that creativeness in me.

Okay, I have a favour to ask of all of you out there reading this... You may have seen the posts I have done in the past with the items I have made, if not, that is a-okay! Here is my request... I am very serious about opening an Etsy shop (if I can get up the courage)! I have been working on my "craft-a-month" resolution for 2011, and have posted a few things and will continue to post the "craft of the month" - I know I didn't get around to it last month. Here is my request - okay it's more like a question. Should I focus on one particular type of item for an Etsy shop, or should I maybe attempt to do a "monthly" item? I would make them throughout the year, but post them under monthly sections in my Etsy shop.

There is no guarantee that I will open up a new shop, but your ideas are more than welcome! I wouldn't be here without all of you. Your insights and opinions (good or bad) are definitely something that I am interested in. I suppose with encouragement, I can do anything I set my mind to, but right now, I am very timid and don't want to fail!



Susi said...

What crafts do you do? Personally I love knitted, crocheted, sewn stuff. and beads, obviously. To buy, crocheted is my fav:)

Beth said...

I actually dabble a little in all of the above (except knitting - never had the patience to sit down and learn it). I'll continue to post my projects as I complete them, March was just a rough month - especially there at the end of it! Whew, we were busy.

Ashley said...

Hey Beth! Have you seen the stores that Vic has built and is advertising on We Heart Shops? it is really cheap compared to an etsy store and you could get all your stuff put up and then see what people are drawn to. It's all done through blogger and is really easy to manage. You should contact her! I would love to see more of your stuff. You can do it! xo