Friday, April 8, 2011

What Are Your Fears?


Okay, I want to get serious on you all today...

Have you ever really sat down and thought about what you fear the most?
This post was brought on by a dream that has been recurring over and over while I slumber.
Please bare with me as I describe this dream...actually NIGHTMARE!

My family and I are living in a lovely neighborhood with fabulous neighbors.
We have many close friends and as a family, we are very close.
One day, while I am out and about with my children, we come home.
We come home to nothing!
There is no house!
I call my husband. There is no answer!
Actually, there is a recording that the phone number doesn't exist!
I call my mom, my dad, my brother, everyone I can think of.
The same thing - the phone numbers DO NOT exist!
I begin to panic and frantically try to find pieces of our life as we knew it.
No birth certificates. No photographs. No marriage certificate.
There is nothing to prove that we have ever had a family!

At some point, I meet a person (man/woman - I have never seen a face or known a name).
Somehow this person believes me and the 4 of us go to the place that I remember growing up.
The house is there, but looks as though no one has lived in it for 20+ years.
We enter the home to look for clues to my life and my children's lives, but there is nothing!
Suddenly, the entire home is engulfed in flames like there is something there that we aren't supposed to find. We all get out, but it is cold and I run back into the house to get the coats.

As I come out of the house, I wake up. Never knowing why all of this has happened.

In 8 years, I have not been able to remember a dream after I wake from sleeping. All of a sudden I begin having this frightening dream night after night. I don't like to think about it, because it makes me sad.
What could it mean?

Maybe by writing out my fears it will help me release the fear caused by this dream and make it stop.

Here they are...
  1. Being forgotten
  2. Not being loved
  3. Failure
  4. Being hurt - physically or emotionally by anyone
  5. Diseases that have no cure
  6. Electrical and Thunder storms
  7. Stupid Careless Drivers
  8. Bed-bugs (there is a story behind this)
  9. Locking the keys in my car in the middle of no-where!

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