Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday Lovelies

What could be better than decorating your house for Spring?

Check out some of these lovelies!

I absolutely love this blue and brown together
I wish our house had a more neutral decor so I could do this kind of stuff!

What a wonderful idea for the front door.

Very simple, yet effective as a centerpiece!

Absolutely gorgeous to put on a side table...
...or above our cabinets in our kitchen...

So refreshing...ahhhhh
Too bad it would be stained within minutes in our house.
Slobbery boxer dog - likes to sleep with "mom" when "dad" is gone.  ;-)

The only season that I ever really seem to decorate for is Winter.
I HATE (with a passion) Winter, so why am I not decorating for Spring?
The answer to that is this...
I can't ever seem to find Spring decorations that fit into our current decor!

We have more of a vintner or wine theme going on in our house right now.
It is becoming more and more rustic vintner, but still more Tuscany vintner at the current time.
Once we have everything done around our wood burning stove, then I will probably be more likely to go with seasonal decorations that fit the more rustic theme.
Until then, I will just stick with not decorating for the seasons, except for the front door.

How about you? Do you decorate for the seasons?

1 comment:

Rachel said...

Okay, I LOVE the blue and brown together. That looks great! I want something like that! :)

And the bedding is adorable. I need new sheets/comforter now!!

I think you have inspired me to decorate!! :)

Have a great day!