Friday, April 29, 2011

Potential for May...

Holy CRAP!
May is only 1 1/2 days away!

I love our pups, but their collars and leashes are so masculine and dull. 
So, I thought this month would be a great opportunity to "Spice Up" the dogs' necks and leashes.
Yeah, my husband will probably just think I am insane!

Seriously , male dogs can have "cool" looking collars and leashes, they are NOT just for the ladies!
To go along with the pet theme, I am also going to try my hand at the poo-bag holders.
You know, a small inconspicuous little bag that you can put whatever it is that you pick up your pet's poo with when you go for a walk (we use plastic shopping bags - cuz we never remember our reusable sacks when we go to the store, so we have like a million and one plastic bags shoved under the kitchen sink).

How about something totally off the wall?

Key-fob keychains.

I know, I know...WTH!
Doesn't even correspond with anything that has to do with animals. 
Oh well, it's what makes me happy! 

Disclaimer: this is NOT our dog - pic

See, I'm smiling (oops, that's not me)!

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