Tuesday, January 4, 2011

As Promised...

I promised you all that I would post pictures of the Christmas gifts that I made this year.
So without further adu...

For one of my sisters-in-law & brothers-in-law.
They also got a bottle of wine from a local vineyard.

For my Parents-in-law (they also got a wine cork trivet & bottle of wine).
The back of this hot pad is the mitten fabric from the towel.

Two of this set were made...
One set for my Mother (she also got a candle and stainless steel slotted spoon).
The other set for my sister-in-law & brother-in-law (they also got a trivet and bottle of wine from a local vineyard).

I made two other sets like those pictured, but didn't get a photo of them.  I do have enough of the fabric to make us a set of each though, but I think I want to work on something new for this month. 
I made two more sets, but they were basic hot pads with a towel.  Sadly, I was in such a rush to get them wrapped that I didn't take any pictures.  That is okay though, I think you get the idea!  ;-)

 I have to admit that I got a bit burnt out on hot pads and towels in December.  However, I will be revisiting them, because I want holiday and seasonal sets of my own.  ;-)  They also make a great "go to" gift for a teacher or day care provider, so I will have to be sure to make plenty to keep as my "go to's" when I am not sure what to give.

A few posts ago, I was making Logan a new school bag too.  Well, I did get it done and he was excited to take it to school when he went back...


lindsay said...

these look fantastic lovely lady ♥ you are so talented...i have so much to learn from you!

have a magical day miss!


Mike and Kirsten said...

Love our hotpad and towel set! You were a busy bee with Christmas gifts this year. Love getting homemade gifts...wish I was crafty! I think I missed that gene from Mom.
Love you! -your sissy!

Janna said...

Cool stuff Beth!! You did so much better than me in the gifting of handmade items--I had grand plans that didn't amount to much. ;o) There's always next year . . .

Elizabeth said...

@Janna - I am starting out really early this year, so I have many more things to gift. As a matter of fact, I am starting this Saturday! Crazy, huh?
@Lindsay - you are always welcome to come over. I am going to be a "busy bee" this year with my "new craft per month" goal
@Kirsten - hopefully they are rustic enough for you to use for Christmas, but hope you will use them all year long since they aren't exactly a Christmas theme!
Loves to you all!!!