Friday, January 7, 2011

Fashion Forward ........... or Flop

This is going to be a little weird for me to do, but in an attempt to be more fashionable, I thought it would be fun to post on fashion once in a while.  No, it will NOT be every Friday, my personal wardrobe is not that expansive and I am not a huge fan of taking and posting pictures of myself unless I am feeling really - and I mean REALLY - pretty that day. 

How I thought I would do this, is to post a picture of me in my "get up" and then post some pictures of fashionable items that I would love to have or, when at all possible, MAKE.  Maybe I will even do a few posts here and there of our daughter's fashion sense.  She is quite the sassy-pants and prefers to dress herself rather than let mommy help her pick out her clothes for the day - that is, when we actually get dressed for the day!  What can I say, we like our PJ's and typically stay in them until it is time for mommy to head of to work at 2:30 in the afternoon.

**DISCLAIMER - these pictures really kind of s-u-c-k!  I had to take them myself and couldn't find my tripod, so I had to rest the camera on the dresser.  Oh and I am not a huge fan of taking my own pictures**

This is something I would normally wear to grab groceries or go shopping at the mall or to lunch with a friend or the hubs... 
Starting from the top...
sweater, blouse, and jewelry-Charlotte Russe; jeans-The Buckle; shoes-Jessica Simpson
I {heart} these shoes!!!!!

By no means am I a fashionista, nor would I ever claim to be!  If you saw what I wear around the house you'd never believe I was the same person!  HA!  I do however like to try to be fashionable once in a while.  Looking nice when going out, even for a quick trip to the grocery store, can be a confidence booster. 

I have to admit that being a "part-time stay-at-home mom", I have gotten a little sloppy during the day.  Mainly because we very rarely leave the house and when we do, often times it is with enough time for me to run an errand or two before taking Jillianne to daycare and me heading to work.  I then just wear scrubs, because I will be heading off to work shortly after the errand is finished.  Oh well, at least I look good on the weekends in my "street" clothes!  :-)

Ok, now on to the fun things your's truely would like to own or make...

Work Out and Lounging Attire

Couldn't get the picture to work for these pants, but I really want these too.

Honestly, a person cannot go wrong with gym/lounge attire!  I like the look of UA gear and have heard that it is extremely comfortable.  Anything beats my favorite "ratty" old sweatshirt and lounge pants that I wear regularly!  Although, I don't think I could get rid of my favorite sweatshirt... It's my "go to" every morning when taking Logan to school!

Well, hopefully this wasn't a complete disaster post!  I thought it went pretty well.  Tell me what you think!   Am I fashion forward or was this outfit a "fashion flop"?  I'd love to hear your honest opinions!



*S said...

Love the outfit & those shoes are so lovely! ;)

Mike and Kirsten said...

I'm in favor of the outfit as well. I love those jacket top thingy's! And of course I love the shoes...HELLO-O-O ~ I love anything Jessica Simpson!! :)

Ashley said...

I love that outfit! You're right, the shoes are awesome. I find it so hard to look cute and put together as a stay-at-home mom. I've lost my fashion sense. I love to see what other moms are wearing. You're inspiring me to put on something cute. :)