Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Lovelies (3)

I know I have been on a hiatus for the past couple of weeks.  The holidays just get to be so incredibly busy for me, especially when I wait until the last minute to do everything!  Well, things are finally slowing down and now I can concentrate on blogging a bit more.  At least until I start going to the gym 3 times a week.  But we can discuss that another time.  Right now, I wanna get right down to business with my Thursday Lovelies for this week. 

1950's VINTAGE

WOW... I find a lot of things about the 1950's to be lovely!  The clothing, the artwork of the pinup gals, some of the vehicles...  I could have just kept posting and posting and posting...

I'd love to know what you find lovely today!


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lindsay said...

hello lovely! i ♥ the fifties much fun stuff going on during those times. i love the 1920's and 30's style of clothing too. but i know you already know that.

hmmm what do i find lovely today?!? i love my new planner :) xoxo