Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Magical Day

Wow...I am posting twice in one day! This is amazing, I know!  hehehe

I was just so inspired by Lindsay over at Scenic Glory and Brooke at Bright Wishes to post a magical day for my family and myself.  Here goes...although it may not be quite as magical as their days... ;-)

First we'd take a balloon ride to a magical place (literally, isn't Disney magical?)...


and meet all of the beautiful Princesses.

Then we'd go to the beach and the kids would play in the crystal clear, blue water...

build a beautiful sandcastle...

and me and the hubs would lay in a hammock all afternoon!

We'd stop for a delectible ice cream treat...

then watch the sun set over the ocean...

before retiring to our little cabana on the beach...

and all cuddling close together in a soft, fluffy, cheerful bed.

Now that would be most magical for us!

Thanks Lindsay and Brooke, you two are very inspiring.  I need to think a little bit more "outside the box" when I write my posts.

Have a most magical day!
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-Sam I Am- said...

Thank you so much for your comment about my "good blogger" question! Seriously, I really enjoyed reading your thoughts! But I disagree with one thing, you are TOTALLY good with words and inspiring. I've been creepin on some older posts :) So give yourself some credit girlie! I also blog to keep in touch with friends. It's so much funner to me than say Facebook or email. Anyway, I can't wait to keep reading your adorable little corner in the world :) You are one pretty lady btw!
Have a great evening!