Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lean for Life...My Journey


Today was a beautiful 70 degree day in Nebraska...IN MARCH! I wanted to dress comfortable and pull out some "warm weather" clothing.

Today, I tried on two pairs of capri pants that were hanging in my closet. They were both really tight, uncomfortably tight! Sadly, they fit me just right less than ONE year ago. At the same time I was trying them on, I came to realize that only one pair of my jeans currently fit me comfortably.

It was in that instant that I decided I need to do something. At that moment I told myself that I need to change, be much more healthy. I need to be a good role model for my children, but most of all I need to do it for me.

Today marks the beginning of my journey. No photo documentation, just me, my closet, and my journal. When my clothes start fitting again, I'll know I'm doing well. When the numbers on the scale start dropping, I will know I'm doing something right.

I will attempt to post weekly updates from my written journal (as long as they aren't too personal). Maybe, just maybe, something I write during this journey will be inspirational to you.

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