Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Made a "U" Turn...


After last week, I think this is going to have to be my new personal slogan!

My journey took a turn for the worst and I did EVERYTHING wrong...
regular soda
chex Muddie Buddies
sugary cereal
AMP energy (grape)
ice cream with chocolate sauce
etc, etc...

I need a serious recharge!
Today I was supposed to restart the whole low carb thing, but I couldn't resist the Muddie Buddies!
I did get a diet soda though.

It is really tough to find things to make when your fridge is nearly empty and the freezer is stocked with wild game meat instead of easy stuff like chicken breast and ground beef.
I ate the last of the eggs this morning for breakfast too.
Thank heaven my kids enjoy eating mac 'n cheese!

Guess I am going to have to buck up and go to the grocery store!
At least when I do shopping for myself, it doesn't get to be too expensive.
However, since we are nearly devoid of food in our house, I guess the grocery shopping will need to be done for all of us later this week (we still have enough to get a couple more lunch and dinners).

Shopping for me is simple...
eggs (lots and lots)
low fat string cheese

See, not much I need to stock up on!

I tried on my bathing suit and was completely mortified when I looked in the mirror.
I was so mortified, that I thought about cutting the thing to shreds!
However, I have changed my mind slightly on that. Instead, I am going to take a picture of myself in it and have two of them printed. Then I will take one of them and with a black permanent marker, I will "design" how I want to whittle my body. Hopefully in doing that and taping the picture to my mirror, I will be reminded of what I am working to acheive on a daily basis.

I seriously HATE this uphill battle!

I need to

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