Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sewing at My Leisure...

Ok, I have been doing a lot of cutting, sewing, and cussing over the past few weeks.

The cutting and sewing has been for the shop....
The cussing has been done at the items I have been attempting to make for myself.
I have gotten them made, but man-o-man, it's been frustrating.

For your "ooo-ing and aw-ing pleasure...

New scrub top for work
Unfortunately, it got made the day after Independence Day.

Nice new handbag to carry my Nook and all of my purse essentials.
P.S. You may see handbags very similar to this one in my etsy shop! Keep checking back!

 Last, but certainly not least, a new sleeve for my NOOK.
I liked my other one, but I found that I didn't leave it in the cover to read it, so I thought a sleeve would be a better option for my NOOK and me.

Check back soon, I'm gonna reveal my mess,, "studio" and the things I am currently working on for the shop.

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