Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What a Find!!!

To start, I am not totally against garage sales, I just don't typically go to them unless I can see from the street that there might be something of interest to me.

That being said...

This last weekend, one of my besties - Jacqui, by name - and her sister were having a garage sale.
Now typically I wouldn't be interested in much, because I just don't do garage sales.
Well, being the fab-tastic friend she is, she called me about something that her sister had that she knew would be of immense interest to me.

I am a hoarder!
Yes, a hoarder! I can't pass up cheap (by cost only) fabric!
Jacqui's sister had a whole tote (I'm talking an 18-20 gallon tote) FULL of different fabrics!
I haven't even had a chance to look through my treasure, but I know there are some awesome fabrics for hats and totes and whatever the heck else I wanna make.
I can't wait until swimming lessons are over this Thursday, because I am gonna be a sewing fiend for the next two weeks (until swimming lessons start up again).

The best part of this find, was that it only cost me $25.00 for the whole "kit-n-kaboodle"!
Seriously, some of the fabric in there was probably about that much for a yard or two alone, so I made out awesome on that deal.
Okay, her sister made some cash to send her girls on an FBLA trip too.
So not only was it worth it for the fabric, but I was helping fund something important to them!

Now I need to find a dresser for the guest bedroom/craft room to store all of the hoards of fabric I have.
Maybe I should rethink my attitude about going to garage sales a little bit!


Jacqui said...

I feel famous now; I'm in a blog! :o)

Mike and Kirsten said...

Wanna garage sale when I'm back in NE? Also-what are you doing for July 4th? Can I come? Love you

Ashley said...

That sounds like quite a score! I can't wait to see what do with all that fab fabric!