Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Totally Awesome Snack Food!

Okay, I seriously must have been in the ice-ages or something...
Why you ask?
When this word came up on my meal plan for this week I was "What is that?"


I wasn't going to try it, but one of my besties said I should try it with a bit of salt and make sure I eat them right out of the pod cuz they're fun to eat that way.
The pod just pops open and the bean slides out.
(um...that sounds a little naughty)

I seriously debated on them at the store, but went ahead and bought two bags anyway.
The first night I didn't put salt on them - I just don't typically salt ANYTHING.
They were eh...okay.
Tonight though, I used a little salt packet and shook them around in a little baggie. They were still a bit damp from the thawing process, so the salt stuck nicely to the pod.
It wasn't a lot of salt to suck off the pod, but it was just enough to get off the pod when the bean popped out that it was delectible. Seriously, I have found a new favorite snack.

If you have never tried them, I highly suggest trying them at least once.
You can't dislike something if you've never tried it, right?