Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Lovelies

Today I am at a loss...
The weather around our parts has been pretty gloomy the past couple of days.
It has made it very difficult to find anything lovely.
I will just turn to my awful indulgences as my lovelies for today.

For Breakfast/Brunch (depends on the day of the week)... egg (over easy), cheese, and an English muffin. HOLD the bacon!
Except, I make two eggs and put one on each side of the muffin for two "open-faced" sandwiches.

Eggs are good for me right?
I don't use grease or anything to cook them, just my non-stick skillet.

And Lunch (again depending on the day of the week)...
...Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla with Ranch dressing!
Totally yummy and again made at home in my non-stick skillet.

Oh, and I can't forget my beverages...
...Regular, plain-jane, iced tea. No lemon and definitely NO sugar!
I make a huge pitcher about once a week.

I also indulge in one of these every other day now.
So I am getting better about it!

Now for a snack.
Trail mix with a little bit of everything (sometimes even dark-chocolate chips).
Oh so YUMMY!

Dinner can be a multitude of many different things, so I can't exactly pin point one thing.
Since I work the second shift, it is tough to get a good home cooked meal in for dinner, but on occasion, the hubs will make enough supper for him and the kids so that I can bring left-overs to work the next day.
Gotta love that man-o-mine!

I'd have to say that my very favorite dinner would have to be...

Grilled pork chops with grilled asparagus, zucchini, and summer squash.
My hubby is one hell of a grilling machine!
*Sorry, no picture to show you!*

My second most favorite is
Chicken Kabobs
(chicken, green pepper, onion, and lots of mushrooms)
Jason is allergic to tomatoes, so we don't go there.

All of this talk about food is making me so hungry!
I better go before I raid the fridge for many things that I don't need to indulge in at the moment!

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lindsay said...

um....yummy!! i'm hungry now and trying my best to eat healthy :)

miss you doll!! perhaps when the weather gets better we can do another play date!! how are the shop things coming along?