Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday Lovelies

I have always, ALWAYS loved art!

Personally, I am not an artist, per se.
I love to create, but I usually get my ideas from others and run with them, making them my own.

Art cannot be defined as a particular form.
That is what is so amazing about the "concept" of art.
It's what YOU want it to be!

Ice Sculpture is absolutely amazing and sad at the same time!
Look at all of the detail that went into this.
Eventually it will melt away and the artist will create something magnificent all over again.

Lord of the Rings
This is not the photo I wanted, but I'll explain...
Movies - this one in particular.
Peter Jackson was so detail oriented with this Trilogy.
Pretty much everything used in these films were hand-crafted expecially for these movies.
In the documentary that came with my DVD's, he states that he didn't want the audience to say "I have that glass/plate/etc..."  I will admit to loving these movies, not only for the story, but also the artistic detail in everything.

Architecture is so unique, because there are so many different things that can be done with a building.
Personally, I love old architecture - domes, columns, etc.

We have a large canvas of this in our dining room.
L-O-V-E Da Vinci!

To me, books are also a "work of art".
Take a minute to think about your favorite book or the last book you read...
Typically an author puts so much detail into a scene that you can literally visualize it in your head.
That's what happens to me anyway.
A good author keeps me focused on the book by detail.
I love reading, but if the author doesn't take the time to be detailed, it is very tough for me to focus and read the story through to the end.

Well, I am having a tough time focusing on this post.
My mind is wandering to other things that it feels are being neglected...
For instance, the items for my future shop and Christmas (yes, Christmas) gifts that I need to make for a customer.
Guess I need to show my sewing machine some love today!


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Anonymous said...

I really love the white dome architectural design. Where is that by chance? It looks beautiful. :)