Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Craftastic May

Yeah, I know I said just a few short weeks ago that I would make dog leashes and collars, but seriously the cost to make them would have been way more than it would have been to buy something. Right now the "fund-age" is actually being saved for something I really want terrible bad - more on that another time though.

Anyway, I have so much fabric that I have "hoarded" over the past few years, that I decided I needed to... go out and buy just 4 short yards more! Yes, BUT I got it at a super awesome price - 2 yards for $2.00 and 2 yards for $4.00.  You can't beat that! I had to have it! OKAY, FINE! I didn't need to have it, but who can pass up such a great price, really?


Since I didn't do the stuff for the pups, I decided to use up some scraps of fabric that I had left over from other projects and do a little bit of recycling. Both of our kids just got new bedding, so I kept (shoved under our bed) the thick plastic bags that the bedding came in. I had seen a great idea for luggage tags on-line somewhere (doggone, I can't remember where) and thought "What a fabulous idea! Makes a black suitcase unique and less likely to be grabbed by 'dip-stick' who's in a hurry to get out of the airport."

So, here you have them, luggage tags - lots and lots and lots of luggage tags.
Seriously, they only take 10 minutes from the first cut to the final stitch to finish.

Okay, not lots and lots and lots in these photos, but believe me, I have made more than I know what to do with.

Guess what? You probably won't miss your bag as it comes off of the airplane ever again...
...Unless you take the tag off that is.

Oh, I almost forgot...
Since the tags were such an easy craft for the month, I also made sugar scrub! I never said that the "craft a month" resolution would be specific to sewing. This stuff is so wonderful! It is scented with lemon essential oil and makes your hands absolutely soft and supple and smell fab-tas-tic! Perfect for the kitchen and getting pesky 'smells' off your hands from cooking (i.e. fish, garlic, onion - just to name a few)!

Check back, there may be a tutorial in the near future on this absolutely fabulous stuff!

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