Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Musings

This week may be all about sewing...
Hope y'all don't mind too much!
I've been sewing up a storm and looking for fun fabric combinations online and in stores.

Here are some musings over fabric...

I bought some of this in BRIGHT pink this weekend.
It may make a few very fabulous hats! Can't wait to put them together.

What beautiful linings for purses these would make!

"Fat Quarters" are my friend for small "fat quarter" projects!
A few of these would be great for making teacher gifts.

OMG! So many prints and textures! Love me the red, white, and blacks in this first row.

I am in L-O-V-E with pink and chocolate brown!

Oh, and I just made a little something out of two of the fabrics in this photo...
The brown with pink polka dots and the pink and brown print!

I would love to show you all what it is, but it is a gift for some friends that are expecting their first baby and I don't want to give away the surprise if Alicia would happen to read this. 
*wink* *wink*

You understand right?!?!
I thought so...

I will be sure to take pictures of the completed gift to post after the gift giving is done!

See this color combination? Well, I love this too!
(the teal with polka dots is a terrible photo of the actual color - it's not that dark)
I love it so much that I made my dress for this little lady's wedding in June 2010.
(check out their Wedding Story and you'll see the dress)
I'm sure you recognize her, you probably even read her blog!
If you don't, you better get over there and start, she's uber talented!

Happy Monday all!


Vic said...

oh you are amazing! i only wish i could do stuff like this:) i need a bigger house! i love fabrics:) u could send me a peek in email...i promise not to show:) xoxo

lindsay said...

love all of these fabrics love...i wish we both owned them all :) hope you're having a fabulous week and miss you dearly!!! see you soon! xoxo