Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Just Around the Corner

This is sort of what it looks like in our neck of the woods right now.
Before this last big snow storm of 13 inches, our tulips were starting to peek through the ground.
Can you believe that?
It is January and the tulips decided to start coming up out of their winter hibernation!
That is an obvious sign that winter in Nebraska HAD been rather mild.
Hopefully, it will continue to be mild and Spring will bear itself very soon.

Spring is my most favorite season!
To me, it means a new beginning...

All of the trees budding,
Flowers blooming,
Daily visits to our bird feeder from the pretty (and plentiful) Robins
(which seem to enjoy tormenting our "bird dog").

Yes, I am so ready for Spring to arrive! I can barely contain myself.
The only problem with the arrival of Spring is that I am not going to want to be cooped up in front of my sewing machine. Guess I will have to designate 2 days a week to sewing for the shop and making things for around the house.

I really need to get some Pinterest DIY's done, but then again, I will more than likely procrastinate.

Oh well...


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