Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The history of Easter baskets in the US

There are many good things that come to mind when someone thinks of the Easter season. One of the things that is a happy memory for many children and people in general is the Easter baskets that have come to be a necessity of the holiday. There are many children who have even come to expect the gift as a part of the holiday festivities. In most family?s traditions the Easter baskets are kept from the children until the day of the holiday. There are also many other traditions that are a part of the festivities of the holiday as well.
 One of the traditions that is the most fun for everyone including the children is the traditional Easter egg hunt. This is a great tradition where the people that are organizing the hunt have a job hiding eggs in different places and then they have the children go and find them wherever it is they are hidden. This is a great game and it is a lot of fun for families. It is also a time which like many other holidays families can spend time together. It is important for families to spend as much quality time together as they possibly can in order to have the chance of becoming closely knit.

Here in the United States Easter is a very popular holiday because of the fact that it is a Christian holiday. Many different cultures brought these traditions with them when they decided to immigrate here to the United States and therefore there are many families that still celebrate the holiday today.

Here in the United States it is also common to combine these traditions with the religious ceremonies that are also a vital part of the day. Easter itself is really a combination of two holidays one of which is pagan and the other of which is strictly spiritual. There are those families who choose to leave behind the egg decorating and the other parts of the holiday that are deemed by them to be unnecessary in favor of religious observance. It is also important to note that Easter is not just a time for putting on pastel colored clothing decorating eggs and giving gifts in baskets. It is about something that is much more important than that.

There are many symbols of the holiday that transcend the pagan holiday and have since been changed to have more of a spiritual meaning such as eggs and rabbits. No matter how the holiday is celebrated it is nevertheless an important holiday for many people regardless of their background or social status. It is also a tremendously fun day for children of a variety of different ages as well as the adults. Holidays of any kind are great excuses for the whole family to get together and have fun all while enjoying each other?s company. It doesn?t matter in the slightest what you do in order to celebrate any holiday as long as you have a good time and enjoy the family being together.

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