Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Lovelies (1)

Okay, I am not new to blogging, but you'd think I was.  I'd love to have something new to tell you about every day, but unfortunately, I am not that full of words to put to type.  I do love that I have made some new friends on this journey and am very excited to make even more.

Today I was thinking about something I can do special for Thursday's.  That way it makes it a little bit simpler to post - for at least one day of the week.  Maybe you'll also have fun with it and share with me too!

Well, to get started with the first installment of Thursday Lovelies, I would like to share the following photos.  These are just some lovelies that I have found and would love to own.

Burlap Sack Advent Calender
PB Advent Calendar - I have always loved advent calendar's just don't own one myself

Gilt Frame Card Holder
PB Picture Frame Card Holder

Oh how I would love to have a mantel to decorate for the holidays!
At some point I think I will try to talk dear hubby into putting a mantel behind the stove when he finishes the wall.  I think it would look so pretty with the "rock" wall he wants to put up.

I could list lovelies all day, but I have a little girl that is begging for some attention and a silly boxer that apparently wants something, because he won't stop growling at me.  Better go see what it is that he wants and then do a little bit of cuddling and watching cartoons with my little Jilli-bean.

What are your Thursday Lovelies?

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Janna said...

I'm liking that advent calendar too!