Monday, December 19, 2011

Pinterest is an Addiction

I am so over-whelmed!
Pinterest is absolutely amazing! If you haven't heard of it, you should really check it out.
I have created 27 different "pin" boards.
There are so many ideas, I didn't know where to begin!
So what did I do? I followed my tummy and started with the food.

There are so many amazing recipes that people have posted somewhere on the web and people have pinned them and I have re-pinned some of them.
I started out with a recipe that my own mom made when we were kids.

Saltine Cracker Toffee
Pinned Image
You are probably thinking it sounds kinda yucky, but seriously, this stuff if awesome!
Think sweet and salty... oh and chocolate!

Next came Texas Roadhouse Butter
Pinned Image
Now, I have never been to the Texas Roadhouse restaurant, but from all the reviews and of course the ingredients, how could one possibly go wrong with this stuff?!?
I mixed it all up and put it in jars for Christmas gifts!
Yes, I did taste test it and let me say, it would make french toast so tastey you'd probably want to make it every day!

One-eyed Pirates
Pinned Image
My son loves it when I get up and make these for him for breakfast before school.
I have to admit though, they are pretty fun to eat!

And last but definitely NOT far anyway...

Chocolate covered Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles
Pinned Image
These things are AWESOME!
I decided to make these for the Christmas celebrations that we will be attending this weekend.
Unfortunately, I don't know that they are going to make it to the weekend.
The best thing about these babies is that they are egg-less.
That's right, no risk of salmanella.
I even found that you can whip up a batch and put it in freezer bags and use it as an ice cream mix in when you get that "hankerin" for cookie dough ice cream!

It is really fun to try out these new recipes!
I have three more planned for our Christmas celebrations, so I will write about those after we get to try them out.

Eventually, I will get to some of the DIY and decorating pin boards.

Happy Pinning!!!

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