Saturday, March 5, 2011

Silly Saturday

This is how Max likes to relax!


Trina Curran said...

OMG!!! a boxer!!!???!!! I love boxers. We lost ours two years ago. *tears* Give him big ol hugs from me!!

my best friend jules said...

Hih! This is how my pup looks like after she's had her dinner. For some reason it's her favorite thing to do, to roll on the carpet after a good meal. Gotta love them :)

xxx mervi

shah wharton said...

LOL - God I LONG for a dog. For one reason or another over the past six years we've not been able to get one. We want to do it right - have a garden and be settled - its not been the right time. WE WILL get one soon though and yours looks stunning. Big and happy and healthy looking. Hoe something that big be so cute? Dogs - you gotta love em! Oh - thanks for stopping by my blog. X Shah .X