Friday, March 4, 2011

Confessions of a Nurse

  1. I am germ-o-phobic.
  2. Clorox lemon scented wipes smell the BEST (just ask my previous co-workers)!
  3. I thought my son's cut that had to have stitches was awesome (you could see the skull).
  4. If my kids vomit, it makes me sick; if a patient vomits, it doesn't phase me.
  5. I have two bottles of hand sanitizer in my purse.
  6. When I had to collect urine when our dog was sick, I double gloved and had to follow him around the yard till he found "just the right spot" (you try collecting urine from a dog!).
  7. Feet are disgusting! - unless they are tiny little baby feet
  8. I used to wipe down my work area 4-5 times a day (again my ex-co-workers can vouch)
  9. I don't work in a nursing home because I don't like the smell of old people and cleaning solution!
  10. I really wish scrubs were more stylish!


Bernie said...

Happy Sunday. I'm stopping by via FLOB's.

You are germ-o-phobic and a nurse? Bless your heart. Were you that way before you got into nursing?
I love lemon scented Clorox wipes as well. The orange ones are gross.
Did your neighbors get a chuckle out of you following the dog around with a cup?
Scubs have come a long way, from the single colors of yesteryear.

Susi said...

Hahaha, oh how I can relate:) I'm more of a viral-o-phobic though. There's almost nothing that scares me as much as the vomiting bug, when we have it at work I barely eat, and just walk around WAITING for it to break out... I have nothing against empyemas (not even the stinky ones), wounds and stuff but THAT is the worst thing that can happen to me!
I bought little wet napkins with desinfectant - fantastic when you're out.
And - I totally agree about old people and cleaning solutions, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Popping in from FLOB. My kids call me a germophobe because I am always screaming about washing their hands and not touching anything! It really just stems from not wanting to get sick (flu or anything else) b/c I know how much school they miss, make up is hell, and I just don't want to deal with it. It has kept us a bit healthier this year!

ixy said...

Haha - feet are gross! I've never understood the appeal of pedicures actually. Seems kind of like putting lipstick on a pig? But I agree the little baby feet are another story - so cute.

Visiting from FTLOB :)

Heavenly Savings said...

I thought about going into the Nursing side of the Medical Field but went into Medical Coding. Your post actually makes me with I would have done the Nursing! I’m a new follower Happy Sunday!! I would love for you to stop and take a look at my blog as well! Thanks!

TexaGermaNadian said...

Haha, these are making me laugh! Too funny. I love confession Sunday. Thanks for sharing, and happy comment love day! All the best,

Jamie Rubeis said...

You totally remind me of my husband! He is a major germ-a-phobe and absolutely hates feet which is really upsetting because i LOVE foot massages!

Ashley said...

I can't imagine being a germaphobe and a nurse! :)

Purple Froggie Clay Stuff said...

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