Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Musings


In my whole life, I don't recall ever trying one of these things.
They are so beautiful! So many colors and flavors. 
I can only imagine that they are super tasty!
I found a shop here, but I am too cheap to order any.
Maybe for a very special occasion sometime.

Since I am such a DIY kind of person, maybe I will even try my hand at making them...
...if I can find a recipe out there on the world wide web!
Google, here I come!


Debbie said...

Those are cute and so fresh and springy! I bet you could just make little round cakes (with food coloring) and then put in a filling. I have an awesome filling I use in my my whoopie pies, if you want it sometime.

Beth said...

ooooh Debbie...I would absolutely LOVE your recipe! thank you!

warm {dot} bouquet {at} gmail {dot} com