Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Pinterest's

I am having a hair dilema.
It is that time of year for me to change up the color to make it more "fall/winter".
However, I am having a tough time with what I want to do.
I know I want to go darker (more my natural color), but I also want to maybe add some dark auburn to it.
In addition, I think I want to cut it...
No, not hack it off, but make it more manageable.

Check out my pinterest's for today and give me your opinion.

This is me now (or close to now)...

Sorry about the devil-looking eyes, my eyes always seem to do that.

Now on to the fun part, my pinterest's...

Pinned Image
I like this look, maybe not so red.
I don't care for this cut though...not really a bangs person.

Pinned Image
I kind of like the color of this gal's hair (purple included)!
Not sure I can pull of the "severe" bangs though.

Pinned Image
At least it would still be somewhat longer.
I just feel like I need a younger look...not sure this one will do it for me though.

Pinned Image
OK, I L-O-V-E her hair in this picture.
Although, I would not go quite that short...
My husband would throw a "hissy fit"!

I looked "everywhere" on the net, but I just couldn't find a good photo of a hair color that I LOVED.
Guess it will be in the hands of my stylist tomorrow.
He always does an awesome job, so I am not too worried. The color is up to him!

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