Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My New Look!

Isn't it lovely!
My bestie, Lindsay, is so awesomely talented.
You just gotta check out her stuff...Really, you gotta!
I didn't give her a whole lot to go off of and she came up with a design for my blog and my etsy shop.
I've even got a new "blog love" button for you all to put on your blogs if you'd like to
"Show me the love"!

I have been frantically working on some new hats to post in the shop, so this week has been all about hats.
My only problem is taking the pictures. The hats are adult sized hats, but I don't have an adult sized model to take the pictures of. Ok, I don't have an adult sized model very often and I'm afraid my son doesn't know enough about our camera to take super good photos of me *wince* as the model.

Don't worry though, I am gonnna get them posted soon! Maybe...just maybe... I'll use my mini model for some of the photos too.

1 comment:

The Perfect Pear said...

It looks so pretty! woot woot, for prettyness! haha, :)
xo, Lauren